We’ve Got Your Hosted CenturyLink Services Covered

Do you currently receive your hosted communications from CenturyLink? As you may be aware, CenturyLink is undergoing some changes and is moving away from cloud hosted voice services to focus on fiber internet. While yes, fiber internet is great, as a business this does not replace your hosted voice communication needs. At ABS Telecom, we want to help you get the service you deserve with the products your business needs.

What These Changes Could Mean For You

So, let’s focus on what these changes could be bringing to your business. With CenturyLink rebranding, they will now focus on their fiber customers. Leaving you, their hosted customers on the back burner. This will lead to a decline in service, as they no longer hold value in that hosted voice customer base. You don’t deserve to be treated as a nuisance. We believe if you are paying for a service, you deserve to be treated as a valued customer.

As they start to lose more customers, there is a high probability that their remaining customers will be sold off. Then that new provider won’t be your choice. You will have no control over who they hand your business over to, which could leave you lacking important features that are vital to running your company. Or they may opt to just drop their hosted customers altogether. This leaves you in a position where your communications may lapse, losing out on important business.

Getting A Step Ahead Of CenturyLink

At ABS Telecom, we want to help you get ahead of these changes! As a telecom broker we know how important good service is. That is why we have access to multiple hosted voice services and will help you find the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Let’s give you the power back, before you’re forced to go with a subpar provider, or worse, have a lapse in communication. We will find you the perfect partner that will allow you to keep your current phone hardware, and that has all the same features you’ve grown to love. Our Hosted Partners carry features like mobile app access, cloud management, voicemail-to-email, and so many more! Additionally, with 99.999% availability, you can trust that they’ve got your back!

Let Us Find You A Hosted Service Provider

ABS Telecom believes that you, and your business, deserve better! We look forward to finding that perfect access to all the great features you’ve grown to love, with the service quality you deserve.

Don’t let your old provider slowly phase you out with low quality service and belittling hand-offs. Our Hosted partners have feature-packed solutions! Which allows you to keep all your phone hardware, and will provide you with top-notch customer service. So let us help you make the switch today! Give us a call at (801) 327-9400 or visit our Services page! You deserve nothing but the best!