CenturyLink Internet & Phone Service Provider Brought to You by ABS Telecom

ABS TELECOM helps keep Your business connected when it matters.

ABS Telecom knows that in today’s technology forward world, staying connected is crucial for running a business. You need internet and phone service you can rely on. Our partner, CenturyLink, knows how important connection is. When your business chooses CenturyLink, you are choosing service you can depend on with upfront pricing and the knowledge that it takes to help keep your business thriving in this modern world.

Running a Business is Complicated.

Staying Connected Shouldn't Be.

Upfront Pricing

ABS Telecom works with CenturyLink to provide you with the option to pay as you go. No more unpredictable monthly bills, locked in contracts, or outrageous cancellation fees. Simply pay for what you need.

Simple Billing

ABS Telecom & CenturyLink make paying your bill easy, with the option to simply pay online with your debit or credit card. No more worrying about stamps and waiting to receive your invoice in the mail.

Wi-Fi You Need

Keep connected without being tied down to a desktop. Centurylink Wi-Fi gives you speeds 40 Mbps and up to keep business flowing when time is an essential part of business.

Around the Clock Service

ABS Telecom is there for you when you need it. We know that when your connection is down, your business can't perform. They provide you with 24/7 service and support to keep you going.

We Get You In Business Fast.

ABS Telecom makes set up a breeze, so you can get to what’s important to your business.

1. ABS Telecom Checks For Your Availability

CenturyLink will even provide you with your speed capabilities based on your location! You could potentially see speeds as fast as 940 Mbps!

2. Choose Your Equipment & Installation

You can buy or lease your modem, and then ABS Telecom works with CenturyLink to provide you with a variety of installation options that work for you!

3. Supply Necessary Information

ABS Telecom will make sure to get all the necessary paperwork out of the way. They’ll just need your contact and billing information to get you started, and then you’ll be on your way to a great internet connection!

Looking to become a partner?

Looking For That Perfect Business Phone Service?

ABS Telecom Knows The Right Carrier for You.

CenturyLink offers both traditional Landline and digital VoIP phone lines for businesses wanting to stay connected. 

The Benefits of Landline

When you choose a landline connection, you’ll receive high-quality & clear calling, along with a variety of features, like:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting 
  • Call Forwarding

The Benefits of VoIP

VoIP for you business means you’ll receive not only all of the above features, but a variety of features only digital can provide:
  • Admin Portal
  • Instant Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Conferencing

Need Internet & Phone Service for your Business?

ABS Telecom Works with CenturyLink to Personalize Your Bundle.

If you’re looking to save your business money and receive quality service, then look no further! ABS Telecom, along with CenturyLink, creates the perfect bundle of internet and business phone packages to not only save you money, but also provide you with convenient, one stop shop service. 

Want to Learn More?

Think CenturyLink may be the right move for your business, but want to learn more? ABS Telecom is knowledgeable in all of our partners and can help you find that perfect match to really elevate your business. Contact us today and let us find your perfect match!