Comcast Internet & Phone Service Provider Brought to You by ABS Telecom

ABS TELECOM Helps you Find your perfectly sized solution.

At ABS Telecom, we know you need choices. That’s why we’ve partnered with Comcast, to help you find the perfect package to fulfill your businesses needs while being conscientious of your businesses affordable price point. ABS Telecom is here, to find you that perfect internet or phone solution.

Comcast Knows What Your Business Needs

Included With Your Internet Packages

Installation On Your Time

You get to choose a 2 hour time slot that works best for your businesses needs.


Your service gives you access to millions of Xfinity hotspots all around the United States.

24/7 Service

We are available anytime your business needs to keep you up and running.

Comcast Knows Different Businesses Have Different Needs

ABS Telecom Can Help You Decide on a Package That’s Perfectly Sized for You.

Internet Only

Just need a simple connection to keep your business online? ABS Telecom has partnered with Comcast to bring you just that, with speeds up to 100 Mbps!

Basic Business Package

Need a phone line along with your internet? No problem! With this higher level package you’ll receive a phone line, and higher speeds on your internet service. Up to 200 Mbps!

Advanced Business Package

If a great connection is crucial to your operations, then this package is crucial to you.  Not only will you receive speed up to 600 Mbps and a phone line, but you’ll also receive 4G LTE Backup to keep you connected in all situations, along with Comcast’s security to help keep your secure and protected.

Looking to become a partner?

Need A Clear Phone Connection?

ABS Telecom Trusts Comcast To Meet Your Needs

ABS Telecom Can Help You Select the Perfect Phone Package to Keep Your Lines Clear and You Customers Happy.

Need Mobility?

If you need more access to your communications while on the go and away from your business, we can help! 

There's an App For That

With Comcast’s mobile app you get more control over your communications to be sure all your customers needs are being well met!

Features Worth Featuring

With great features like auto attendant, readable voicemail and hunt group, you can rest assured knowing your phone communications are running smoothly.

Comcast Business Means Options For You

And ABS Telecom Knows How to Best Fit Your Company

Let ABS Telecom get to know your business so we can help you select that perfect package. We are experts in internet and phone service solutions and want to make sure your business is getting exactly what it needs, no more, no less. We’ve got your back, so you can worry about the things that matter to you.

Want to Learn More?

Think Comcast may be the right move for your business, but want to learn more? ABS Telecom is knowledgeable in all of our partners and can help you find that perfect match to really elevate your business. Contact us today and let us find your perfect match!