Lumen Internet & Phone Service Provider Brought to You by ABS Telecom

ABS TELECOM knows how to help your business thrive

ABS Telecom knows that in today’s technology driven society, a business has to stay connected in as many ways as possible. We’ve partnered with Lumen to help bring you just that. We want to help you find that perfect dependable service provider that knows exactly what it takes to give your business every advantage it can get.

You've Got Enough To Worry About.

Let ABS Telecom Keep You Connected.

No Nonsense Pricing

ABS Telecom has partnered with Lumen to help bring you up-front pricing, so you can pay as you go. You'll know exactly what your monthly bill is, won't be locked into a contract, and don't have to worry about unnecessary fees.

Time Saving Payment

ABS Telecom helps you save time everywhere you can. Now, you can easily pay your bill online with just a credit or debit card, instead of wasting paper on an envelop and taking the time to mail your bill off every month.

Connection Friendly Wi-Fi

With Lumen, your internet service includes Wi-Fi that brings you speeds of 40 Mbps and more! It's all about keeping your business going, and not tying you down. Businesses need flexibility. Wi-Fi is that solution.

Support You Can Depend On

For every moment your connection is down, ABS Telecom knows that you're losing business. We make sure you receive around the clock support to keep your business operating and your customers, and bottom line, happy.

Get Your Lumen Connection Started Today.

ABS Telecom Knows How Important It Is To Get Your Business Going Quickly.

1. ABS Telecom Finds Your Best Availability

ABS Telecom finds you all of your available options, and even looks into what supplier will bring you the best speeds!

2. Equipment & Installation That Works For You

Whether you’re looking to save money upfront and lease your modem, or purchase outright, ABS Telecom works with Lumen to fulfill your needs.

3. Quick & Painless Paperwork Process

ABS Telecom saves you time and effort by shopping around for you and making that exchange of information smooth & painless for you.

Looking to become a partner?

Looking For That Perfect Business Phone Service?

ABS Telecom Knows The Right Carrier for You.

Looking for a simple landline connection? Or would your business benefit from a more involve VoIP solution?

Landline Phone Service

With a landline connection, you can rest assured knowing you’ll have quality calling and all the basic features a business needs, like:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting¬†
  • Call Forwarding

VoIP Phone Service

If your business needs more control over it’s phone systems, VoIP may be your perfect solution, with digital features like:
  • Admin Portal
  • Instant Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Conferencing

Looking To Bundle Your Internet & Business Phone Service?

ABS Telecom Works with Lumen to Create Your Perfect Package.

ABS Telecom can help you save money on your communications by finding you the perfect package! We’ve partnered with Lumen to bring you that perfect pair of solutions to truly elevate your business and improve your functionality.

Want to Learn More?

Think Lumen may be the right move for your business, but want to learn more? ABS Telecom is knowledgeable in all of our partners and can help you find that perfect match to really elevate your business. Contact us today and let us find your perfect match!