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ABS provides efficient and cost saving services for businesses. We are happy to provide a complimentary voice, internet, and technology service audit for your business, to identify areas where you can gain more efficiency and savings while increasing support and services.

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Our Services

Don’t go it alone. Let ABS help you find and choose the services you need at unbeatable prices.

Internet Service

Each network provider varies greatly in terms of coverage, capacity and service level. ABS can help you source the best internet connection for your requirements, location, and business needs.

Cloud Service

Cloud computing is the best way to future proof your business. It offers flexibility, security and cost savings while allowing for mobility and increased efficiency. ABS can help you pick the right provider.

Voice Service

Unify your phone system with a georedundant voice service for 99.999% uptime. Plus, a fully mobile system means you never miss that important call, no matter where you are.

Savings & Support

Why settle for pricing and support that's just so-so. When you use a broker, you get an invested partner that sticks by your side, making sure that you're getting the best services at the best prices.

internet voice service

The best service is on your side

The Right Fit

At ABS Telecom, we take care of all types of technology needs, either cut and dry systems or unique packages. We are here to provide solutions.

Simplifying Changes

We make moving, upsizing, downsizing, and upgrading your technology easy!

Your Unique Business

Each company's internet, voice, and technology needs are unique. We cater to your unique needs, finding the best solutions, tailored to you.

Finding Connectivity

In addition to the many benefits we provide, ABS Telecom also find you connectivity where other's can't.

We have a Solution for that!

At ABS, we treat every business uniquely. We improve internet and voice service levels with our recommendations and offer additional savings to our clients while ensuring their business needs are completely met.

Check out a few of the different solutions we were able to provide:

A multi-state trucking Sales, Service & Leasing company with 14 rural locations needed one provider solution for it’s data backbone, without breaking the bank. After an exhaustive search for the right provider we were able to recommend and implement a solution that connected each location over one network while receiving one bill. We not only simplified their monthly bill paying routine, we also saved them money at each location.

One Medical Practice Group needed to find a way to have a Unified Communication platform that allowed four separate office, in two states, to function as one system. After evaluating their data and voice requirements ABS Telecom recommended, secured, and implemented a single provider solution for internet and data. We also installed a cloud voice solution that connected all offices as on one system. This allowed each office to cover calls so no patients went without the personal care this Practice is know for.

When it was time to renew the contract for a National Non-Profit organization, ABS Telecom negotiated a contract that saved the customer thousands of dollars while increasing their internet speed from 200Mb to 1 Gig.​

One growing customer found it difficult to keep up with exactly what they had: cell phones, internet, MPLS, telephone systems, and so much more. After a thorough assessment of their needs, ABS Telecom was able to help the client get a clear handle on all its business communications, compiling a complete picture in our customized signature Welcome Package. A fully-distributable print and e-document that we also retain and keep updated, it is a go-to business tool.

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