UTOPIA Fiber Internet Service Provider Brought to You by ABS Telecom

When speed Matters, ABS Telecom has Your solution

We are surrounded by technology and a need to connect. ABS Telecom knows that these needs are in your business style as well. Our partner UTOPIA Fiber, is here to help! They’ve got a plan to fit any budget and can bring your business the connection speeds it needs. After all, your business doesn’t slow down, why should your connection?

UTOPIA Knows Your Business Needs To Connect Quickly

ABS Telecom Makes Sure That Connection Is Reliable

Lightning Fast Speeds

When it comes to connection speed, nothing beats fiber. At ABS Telecom, we know that sometimes your business requires some heavy lifting. UTOPIA Fiber has the shoulders to bear that load. If you have a lot of users or require a lightning fast connection, this may be the solution for you.

More Available Than Ever

While fiber options are more limited, ABS Telecom will do everything in it's power to try and find you that connection. As fiber grows, you can rest assured knowing your business can grow with it.

Great Service For You

When you find your service through ABS Telecom, you can trust that we've chosen partners that will put your business first with round the clock customer service, and solutions to keep you connected.

UTOPIA Knows Fiber

ABS Telecom Knows UTOPIA

1. ABS Telecom Does The Leg Work

Not sure if UTOPIA Fiber is available for your business? No problem, we’ll look into that for you, and if unavailable, find you an equally great solution!

2. Knowledgeable On Installation

ABS Telecom will walk you through the installation process so you know exactly what you expect and can best prepare your business for this exciting update.


Whether You do a lot of uploading, downloading, streaming, or video conferencing, UTOPIA Fiber can handle that load for your business!

Looking to become a partner?

You Worry About The Speeds

ABS Telecom Will Worry About Getting You There.

When it comes to the technical side, ABS Telecom has got you covered. Simply tell us what you need, and we will find your perfect solution. We are experts in Internet Services, so you don’t have to be! Just tell us what you need, and we’ll get you to that perfect solution that fits in your company’s budget. Soon you’ll be  on your way to faster speeds and improved business solutions!

Getting To Know Fiber

Traditional internet uses copper wires that, while capable, are slowed down by the fact that they can only process as quickly as electricity allows. Fiber however, uses fiber-optics that allow for blazing fast speeds!

More Reliable Long Term

The copper used in traditional internet breaks down and need to be replaced regularly. Fiber lasts longer, thus reducing potential down time due to replacement and repair needs.

Fiber Is Faster Than Current Technology

Currently fiber allows for speeds that can be as fast as much as 100 times faster than traditional internet. And guess what? Those fiber-optic wires aren’t even being used to their capacity! Meaning as our capabilities to transmit and receive evolve, you’ll get those new speeds as quickly as the equipment can be installed WITHOUT having to replace the cables. Meaning quicker and cheaper improvements to your service!

Want to Learn More?

Think UTOPIA Fiber may be the right move for your business, but want to learn more? ABS Telecom is knowledgeable in all of our partners and can help you find that perfect match to really elevate your business. Contact us today and let us find your perfect match!